Director & Editor BY: Donald H.Randell

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DJ Highlights

Cars and Highlights

A DJ Service & Karaoke and More!

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"We hired Randell Media to do our Commercial videos, and could not be happier with the result. They talked us through some great concepts, and we trusted their expertise." 


Our agency specializes in helping your company succeed in the digital world.


BY:Filming your Website Videos & Photos Slideshows and Creating your Personal Song or Jingle!


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We are Randell Media

A Professional DJ Service

Directed and Edited BY:Donald H.Randell,For Randell Media

Directed and Edited BY:Donald H.Randell

Photos Booth Services with DJ Cute Kid!

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We Will Produce and Edit your Website Videos and Commercials.

A Professional DJ Services with Karaoke if you Like!